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Sitrex SM-230 P

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Product Description

Ref- WG-2070

Finishing mower with five blades for a smooth cut and low horsepower requirement. Ideal for parks, golf courses, athletic fields, highway maintenance and farming.

-1-1/4” diameter wheel post on pneumatic wheel
-Fully floating hitch to obtain better cutting finish even on undulating ground
-Safety chain
-Designed according to the most advanced technics, heavy duty gearbox and thick gauge deck.
-Efficient Sitrex gearbox.
-Precision ball bearings.
-Nylon idler pulleys with ball bearings.
-Easy access grease points
-Easy to adjust belts
-Excellent cutter heads overlap for 100% cutting.
-Cutter blades of special steel, high suction for grass lifting and clean finish.
-Cutting height adjusted by spacer bushings placed on wheel's post.