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Avant 1200 collecting mower

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Ref - WG-2523

Ex demo Avant 1200 collecting mower

With the Avant collecting mower 1200 you can easily do the
mowing and collect the clippings. Thanks to its excellent suction power collecting of leaves from the lawns is also possible.
The mulching blades of the mower crush the grass clippings, leaves etc. into a very fine material which then moves to the collector and forms a tight and compact package. The cutting waste is ideal material for composting. Collector capacity is as big as 210 litres, which enables cutting of small to medium sized areas. Emptying of the collector is very easy: lift the mower up from the ground with Avant’s boom and then tilt the mower downward so much that the grass waste pushes the lid open and the waste comes out.
The Optifloat™ floating system, developed by Avant, guarantees
optimal touch with the ground also on uneven lawns. Two indicator arrows on the quick attach plate make adjustment of the floating very easy: when the mower is on level surface and the arrows meet, Optifloat™ is adjusted correctly.

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