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Aspen 2 and 4 stroke fuel

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We stock both Aspen 2 and Aspen 4 in bottles of 5 and 1 litres.

Aspen 2 is alkylate petrol premixed at 50:1 with a premium quality biodegradable 2-stroke oil. Suitable for chainsaws, clearing saws, hedge trimmers, power cutters and other land-based 2-stroke engines.

Aspen 4 is alkylate petrol without oil - suitable for lawnmowers, rotary cultivators, snow blowers, boats and other 4-stroke engines. Ordinary petrol contains ethanol which attracts moisture and can cause engine failures. Aspen Alkylate Petrol contains no ethanol.

5 Litre bottle - £24.50 +VAT
1 Litre bottle - £7.15 +VAT

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