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Autumn Tractor World Show 2018

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  • 18-03-2018
Tractors in a line

Autumn Tractor World & Classic Commercial Show 2018

Do you love tractors as much as we do? Well, if so, we have the lowdown on just the event for you! An event that could possibly take you away for the weekend. And what does it involve? Tractors of course!

When the event is

If you enjoy farm machinery or stationary engines, this event is not to be missed. It’s also great for a fun family day out. An event to finish your summer on a positive note, The Autumn Tractor World Show will be held in Chieveley, Berkshire, on the 6th and 7th October 2018. And to make it even better, camping is available.

This is a great opportunity to see classic and modern machinery, and how it has changed over the years. On the Sunday, there is also an end of season classic commercial van show. With plenty of different shows to see, this is an event that will keep you busy all day.

On the Saturday, there will be a large vintage auction. A fantastic opportunity to see all the vintage machinery that the event has to offer, and maybe even make a purchase!

Don’t worry about the weather as the event is indoors as well as outdoors. Although we do hope the sun is still out at that time of year!

What is at the event

At the event, there will also be a show of miniature steamers, model displays and stationary engines. If you enjoy this aspect of machinery and being able to see how things work, whether new or vintage, then this will be a great experience for you.

With food, shops and camping involved you can really make this a weekend getaway. Seeing tractors and machinery at different stages of life and ages is both interesting and enlightening to see how much things have changed You’ll be able to see how technology has changed and made things so much easier for us.

Last of the year

The turnout for the most recent show in February was great, with many visitors arriving and braving the cold weather. But, as this is the last Tractor World Show of the year, it will be a great one to visit, with a fantastic atmosphere.

For all visitors and enthusiasts, we look forward to hearing your feedback on how the event was!

Remember, we offerservicing on your agricultural equipment and farming machinery if you want to take it with you and have it in best shape!